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Is his first name really “Hart”?

Yes, but what a great stage name!

Why should I book this particular magician in Portland?

With almost 20 years experience, Hart has the knowledge and experience to deliver a performance that is appropriate for your event and exceeds your expectations.

Does he have references?

We can provide numerous references. Visit the reviews page to see what people are saying. Or, email us and let us know what type of event you're considering and we will send you appropriate references.

How do I check availability?

Please visit the booking page where you can fill out a booking form or contact Hart directly.

Is Hart expensive?

With entertainment you absolutely get what you pay for. The number one thing to remember about your investment is that great entertainers are not cheap, and cheap entertainers are not great. Hire your Portland entertainer based on the overall experience they create for you and your guests, not how much they charge. Entertainment is one of the most-remembered parts of any event; for good AND bad reasons. You have one chance to get it right.

Why is there no pricing info?

Because we book per event fees are based on type of show, travel, size of group, day of week, time of year, etc. For this reason we don't include any pricing information on the site. Please visit our Portland magician booking page for a free consultation and quote.

How far does Hart travel?

Although based in Portland, Oregon, Hart is available for national bookings.

Is my Portland event too small/big?

Whether you're working with a party of 10 or need to impress a crowd of 1000, Hart has a show that will fit your needs.

Is Hart able to customize his show?

Yes. Perhaps you want the focus on a guest of honor? Maybe you're commemorating an anniversary or celebrating a special occasion? Whatever the reason, Hart is able weave parts of his performance around your event.

Does Hart perform for small children?

If you’re working with a younger group, an entertainer that focuses primarily on children would be a better fit. Contact us if you would like a good recommendation.

Forms of payment?

We accept check, cash, paypal, and all major credit cards.

Can you recommend Djs, bands, or other event entertainers?

We work closely with other Portland entertainers at numerous events. We can help you find the perfect fit for just about any type of additional entertainment you're looking for.

How did you do that?

The most frequently asked question! Hart could tell you, but then he might be out of a job soon!

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