Team Building


Looking for a fun, exciting and engaging experience your team never forgets? This hands on team building workshop improves communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence that drives real world results. Attendees will work with classic magic props and tricks, learning how they work and how to 'think like a magician'. Then, breaking up into smaller groups, they apply the secrets and strategies they've learned into a "show" or presentation for the other groups. You won't believe the fun, camaraderie, and creativity this activity brings out in your team!

The corporate team building workshop can be booked solely or combined with a show. This is a great way to build excitement for the activity as attendees get to see Hart in action. Seeing is believing...or is it?

Besides the take aways mentioned above, attendees will leave with secrets, props, and everything needed to keep the magic alive in their day to day lives. You will hear stories about them performing simple tricks for their families, co-workers, prospects, etc. for years to come!